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Baseball Batting Cage Frame

7 Products

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    FORTRESS Ultimate Baseball Cage & Poles - All Sizes | Net World Sports

    FORTRESS Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage & Poles

    FORTRESS Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage with UV treated, rot proof #42 grade netting and 40mm galvanized steel posts. PVC coated guy ropes & steel pegs included. Four sizes available.

    Special Price $269.99

    Regular Price: $325.99

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    FORTRESS Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage [Complete Package]| NWS

    FORTRESS Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage [Complete Package]

    Complete Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage for all surfaces. Made from 32mm powder coated steel tubing, galvanized steel connectors, #42 weight UV treated rot proof netting. Choice of internal or external netting.

    Special Price $699.99

    Regular Price: $875.99

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    FORTRESS Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage [Net & Connectors]

    FORTRESS Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage [Net & Connectors]

    Excellent quality Trapezoid Cage Net and Connector Kit, available in 3 lengths. Connectors are made from galvanized steel for extra durability, with heavy duty #42 weight netting. Internally hanging one piece net.

    Special Price $499.99

    Regular Price: $625.99

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    Trapezoid Batting Cage Connector Kit | Net World Sports

    FORTRESS Trapezoid Batting Cage Connector Kit

    Top of the range batting cage corner connectors for trapezoid style setups. Combination of four-way and three-way fittings in galvanized steel to prevent rust.

    Special Price $149.99

    Regular Price: $187.99

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    FORTRESS Mobile Baseball Batting Cage

    FORTRESS Mobile Baseball Batting Cage

    Freestanding FORTRESS Mobile Baseball Batting Cage featuring hard-wearing wheel structure. Made using 2.5mm galvanized steel, the 24 x 10 x 10 cage come with a durable 2mm HDPP net. For Baseball L-Sceens, Net Savers & Rebounders, see essentials below.

    Special Price $1,439.99

    Regular Price: $1,800.99

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    In Stock
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    Pro-Club 'Backstop' Mobile Batting Cage

    Pro-Club 'Backstop' Mobile Batting Cage

    Portable batting cage with opening back for backstop practice. Available in 24ft and 36ft lengths.

    Special Price $2,447.99

    Regular Price: $3,060.99

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    Concertina Batting Cage

    Concertina Batting Cage

    Innovative space-saving batting cage. Features a unique roll-away design for when the cage is not in use. Available with wall brackets and length options of 26ft, 33ft or 39ft.

    Special Price $7,709.99

    Regular Price: $9,637.99

The Best Baseball Batting Cages For All Skill Levels

Turn your baseball pitch into your very own Yankee Stadium with the help of Net World Sports great range of baseball batting cages and frames! Treat your future Bryce Harpers to an entire new baseball set up, with our quality batting cage packages, complete with poles and net so you can be playing in no time! If your current baseball frame needs an upgrade, we stock baseball nets and poles separately. Whatever you need to complete your baseball practice, you can find it here at Net World Sports!

Our FORTRESS Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage & Poles comes with everything you need to get a professional set up at home or at baseball practice. This ultimate package includes powder coated steel support posts, a strong one-piece net and PVC coated steel guy ropes.

Protect your surroundings with the help of our ultimate baseball cage! You can personalise your baseball package to suit your needs, as we offer this baseball cage in four sizes, so no matter the size of your playing ground, you can find the cage for you!

The tough net included in the package is built to withstand even the hardest shots, so there’s no need to worry about causing damage with your baseballs. The steel support posts are easy to assemble, which is perfect for getting your cage set up quickly to get those important practice sessions in!

Why not check out our FORTRESS Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage for a baseball set up worthy of the Major Leagues. Complete with powder coated steel frame, galvanised steel connectors and a heavy-duty net.

The tough steel frames have been powder-coated black for a professional finish which also helps to prevent rust. This means your baseball cage can stay looking it’s best, season after season. The cage is cleverly designed with an internal hanging net system to prevent any ball rebound injuries while limiting damage to your frame. The rigid design of this cage makes it ultra long lasting thanks to its strong and durable materials.

Strong baseball netting is an essential when it comes to performing quality baseball practice. Our netting is UV stabilised and rot-proof to ensure a long service life while keeping its professional look. The net is manufactured with thick mesh meaning no baseballs are going to create unwanted holes. Each package comes with galvanised steel connectors to make your cage as sturdy as it can be.

Our amazing baseball package is great for use on grass as well as concrete and wood, so you can take you baseball practice inside or outside depending on where you fancy playing! Take it to the ballpark or the baseball club, our cage and net is so versatile you can play wherever you like!

For a portable baseball cage option, our FORTRESS Mobile Baseball Batting Cage is the perfect solution. It’s complete with six anti-puncture wheels to make moving your cage simple, so you can change its position when needed without causing yourself any strain.

The frame of this batting set up is manufactured from galvanised steel tubing to provide complete protection against rust and corrosion. Our thick mesh netting is rot-proof and incredibly heavy-duty, so it can boast an ultra-long service life. Mix up your practice batting sessions by taking your portable baseball cage along with you! Its perfect for schools and baseball clubs who often need to move their cage around to allow for other sports.

For the ultimate space saver meet our impressive Concertina Batting Cage! Its cleverly designed to be able to fold away when its not in use, allowing you to make room for a friendly baseball game or practice other sports.

This baseball cage is designed to be a permanent feature in your home or baseball club, as it can be fixed to posts or a wall for a maximum secure set up. A powder coated finish is available to add to protect your frame from the elements, so you can leave it outside all year round. You can personalise your batting set up further with optional wall brackets and a choice in cage lengths and heights.

From the maximum length of 39ft to the discreet rolled away size of just 1.8m, this amazingly compact baseball frame will be the envy of your baseball club, just think of all the extra room for activities!

If your current baseball frame need a touch of class added to it, then our net and connectors are up to the job! Available in a convenient set and a net of your choice, this package is the perfect addition to your home baseball set up. The kit includes two types of connectors to complete your frame, the four-way galvanised steel corner connectors and three-way end connectors are all incredibly strong to ensure your frame can handle the force of endless baseballs. The net is UV stabilised and trimmed with braided rope for extra strength.

To create a strong frame for your batting practice, our FORTRESS Ultimate Poles are manufactured from highly durable coated steel. They’re perfect for creating a supporting framework for your baseball practice sessions. Our poles are easy to assemble, so no time gets wasted with confusing instructions. Each pole has a flared ground spike at the bottom to ensure they can be fully pushed into the ground for extra stability. Our FORTRESS poles have been designed to last for years, so your cage stands tall and proud for seasons to come!

Find all your baseball cage and baseball net accessories here at Net World Sports! From sturdy steel cage connectors to Netting Wire Tension Kits, we have everything you need to get the baseball practice cage of your dreams!

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality baseball equipment for you and your baseball club. Whether you’re to looking to invest in equipment for the Little Leagues, or preparing yourself for MLB season, you can find the perfect baseball cage and frame to suit you. Dream big like Ken Griffey Jr and Net World Sports can help you to provide an amazing baseball set up!