Batting is an art. The mindset you can’t teach, but a solid forward defensive you can.

The following drills cover off three different shots; defending the ball, driving the ball and pulling the ball.

You Will Need:

  1. FORZA Training Marker Cones
  2. 5ft Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles
  3. Cricket ‘Incrediball’ Practice Balls (3-6 Balls)
  4. Fortress Mobile Cricket Cage

Key Points To Consider:

  1. Your head needs to be nice and still before the ball is bowled
  2. Head needs to go towards the ball
  3. Feet will move where your head moves and so will your bodyweight
  4. Watch the ball as hard as you can
Batting Cricket Drill 1

Drill 1: Defending The Ball

When practising your defence, it is so important to set yourself a challenge and a great drill that I like to do to make sure I am challenging myself is to put cones in a semi-circle in front of me and try to get the ball (after I have hit it) to land and stop within this semi-circle.

Batting Cricket Drill 2

Drill 2: Driving The Ball

Remember when you are driving, play the ball as late as possible. In this drill you will place different gaps down using cones. One gap will be placed back past the bowler on the on-side, one will be placed past the bowler on the off-side and one will be placed to hit the ball through the covers.

Batting Cricket Drill 3

Drill 3: Pulling the Ball

Playing the short ball is so important in cricket and a pull shot is a massive part of an important all-round game in batting. The key to playing the pull shot is to keep your head nice and still while keeping your eye on the ball. This drill is to throw underarm full tosses about waist high just outside the off stump and then to play the pull shot either trying to hit it for six in the air or along the floor through a gap.

FORZA Training Marker Cones



FORTRESS Cricket 'Incrediball' Practice Balls [Box of 6]



FORTRESS Spring Back Cricket Stumps



FORTRESS Mobile Cricket Cage [Cage Only]



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