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Paceman Bowling Machine 2018 [Pitch Attack]

Paceman Bowling Machine 2018 [Pitch Attack]

    2018 Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine 2018 Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine
  • 2018 Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine
  • 2018 Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine
  • Paceman Pitch Attack Bowling Machine

The Paceman Pitch Attack bowling machine can produce speeds of over 80kph and features an inswing and outswing delivery function. Automatic 6 ball feeder included. Optional 6 pack of Mixed Paceman Balls Available.

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Paceman Pitch Attack Cricket Bowling Machine

The Pitch Attack machine offers the opportunity for cricketers of all ages to practice their batting skills, whether it be from the comfort of their own home or at the club. Producing speeds of over 80kph, this machine is designed to provide consistent deliveries with the additional option of in-swing and out-swing variations. If you get out on to the cricket pitch to discover that you’re face to face with a fast bowler, there’s no need to worry! Prepare yourself for anything, with the help of the pitch attack machine producing 80kph speeds!

Push the boundaries of batting practice to the limit with this fantastic value cricket bowling machine. Offering incomparable value and phenomenal quality, the Pitch Attack is the best value for money machine in the Paceman range while not compromising on top quality. Your pocket will not be hit for six by this incredible bowling machine, as the top quality and affordable value is guaranteed to bowl you over.

Our powerful bowling machine which is UK mains powered (220-240v), however it can also be battery operated by using optional 150w inverter and 12v battery. Net World Sports offer a battery kit available to add onto your order by the drop-down menu at the top of the page. The battery kit comprises of a 300w pure sine wave inverter and a 12v (22amp/hr) lead-acid battery which will power the machine for approximately 2-3 hours. The opportunity to make your cricket machine portable will be the envy of the cricket team! Use it for drills at the local club, or practicing skills in your own back-garden and produce breath taking strokes on match-day.

The easy set up of the Paceman cricket bowling machine is ideal for those who don’t want to waste precious practice time setting up a complicated machine. With the Paceman bowling machine simple instructions and easy to understand lay out, you will be up and nailing those hits within no time. The machine is just as easy to disassemble, which means storage is no sticky wicket!

The realistic simulation of the machine adds a test match touch to your training, preparing you for whatever comes your way. The oppositions best yorker will be no match for the skills that you've acquired from using this amazing bowling machine! All cricketers know that practice makes perfect, so why not make every batting session the best it could possibly be, by adding a bowling machine! It’s ideal for solo play so you never have to wait around for friends or family to bowl for you. Our machine is the perfect playing partner as it delivers the perfect bowl every time! Make the most of every spare hour you get, by quickly setting up you bowling machine to get in some valuable practice sessions!

Get the ball rolling for your batting practice straight away with an automatic ball feeder that is able to hold six cricket balls. The less time you spend feeding cricket balls in to your bowling machine means more time sharpening those skills ready to smash those hits! Our great value cricket bowling machine also includes one Paceman cricket ball, so you can come to the crease and be working on your drives and sweeps in no time.

Why not add a super set of 6 mixed Paceman balls to your bowling machine to complete your top of the range cricket equipment, as the quality and high performance of the Paceman machines is mirrored in every set of their cricket balls. For the mixed balls, your set will include two light cricket balls for standard speed and bounce, two LTD cricket balls for faster speed and lower bounce, and two junior balls best for slower speed and higher bounce. Each ball is perfect for our pitch attack bowling machine as they are designed with high class batting practice in mind.

Start off your path to glory with our robust bowling machine, designed for an ultra-long service life to provide you with years of ultimate batting practice. Our strong and sturdy Paceman machines are designed to be super reliable and endure years of prolonged usage. Our cricket machines are great for schools and clubs who get a lot of use out of their cricket equipment, so by purchasing the trusted brand Paceman, you know you’re receiving quality that can stand up to the test time. Everyone will benefit from the amazing practice sessions that a bowling machine provides.

The Paceman Pitch Attack is suitable for use exclusively with all Paceman machine balls. Use with other brands of machine balls or traditional cricket balls will not work effectively, and could damage the mechanics of the machine.

Housing Motor Speed Ball Feeder Drive Wheel Adjustment Ball Compatibility
Pitch Attack Plastic AC Up to 80kph 6 ball feeder included PU Pitch & Swing Light, LTD & Mixed
Original S2 Plastic AC Up to 90kph 12 ball feeder included PU Pitch & Swing Light, LTD & Mixed
Strike Metal DC Up to 110kph 12 ball feeder included Concave TPR Pitch Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg
Pro X2 Metal DC Up to 110kph 12 ball feeder optional Concave TPR Pitch, Swing & Spin Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg

  • Machine produces speeds of over 80kph (nearly 50mph)
  • Pace is variable with the use of different Paceman balls
  • Automatic feeder (6 ball) included
  • Inswing and Outswing delivery function
  • Unit is UK mains powered (220-240v), however, can also be battery operated using optional 300w inverter and 12v battery
  • Optional 6 pack of Mixed Paceman Balls Available
  • Unit is UK mains powered (220-240v) and fitted with a UK standard 3 pin plug. For countries outside the UK a step up/down voltage converter may be required to run the machine correctly on your local mains power supply.
  • Alternatively our battery kit which comprises of a 300w pure sine wave inverter and a 12v (22amp/hr) deep cycle lead-acid battery will power the machine for approximately 2-3 hours. Battery charger is not included.
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Questions & Answers

2 questions | 2 answers

Is there a second hand market for these machines? How long is the delivery time?


Hi Charles, Thank you for your question. We do not sell used Paceman machines only ones which are brand new, if the items are in stock delivery lead time is no longer than 5 working days. If you have any further questions please email Many thanks, Tom


I types in Softball pitching machine does this machine pitch softballs


Hi Andy, thank you very much for the enquiry. Unfortunately, I don't think this would work for softball I'm afraid due to the trajectory that the balls are fired out at. The Paceman machines can also only be used with Paceman balls.
Many thanks,


Paceman Bowling Machine 2018 [Pitch Attack]

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Paceman Bowling Machine 2018 [Pitch Attack]

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