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Paceman Bowling Machine 2018 [Strike]

Paceman Bowling Machine 2018 [Strike]

    Paceman Strike Batting Training Aid | Cricket Training Equipment | Cricket | Net World Sports Paceman Strike Bowling Machine For Clubs And Schools Cricket Training Equipment | Cricket | Net World Sports
  • Paceman Strike Batting Training Aid | Cricket Training Equipment | Cricket | Net World Sports
  • Paceman Strike Bowling Machine For Clubs And Schools Cricket Training Equipment | Cricket | Net World Sports

The Paceman Strike can produce speeds of up to 110kph to fully prepare you next time you're at the crease. Adjustable length feature and auto ball feeder included.

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Paceman Strike Bowling Machine

Strike your way to glory with the amazing Paceman Strike bowling machine. This brilliant batting training aid will transform you from a novice to a seasoned veteran of the crease. Combining solid construction with a durable motor, the machine is manufactured to the highest specifications, making it perfect for all levels. Cricketers of all standards can benefit from adding the Paceman Strike bowling machine to their training.

The Paceman Strike offers realistic bowling imitation that will prepare you for whatever the bowler can throw at you. Boasting variable speeds and adjustable length of delivery, the machine is a versatile all-rounder that will help bolster your batting average, meaning you will reap the rewards when you come face to face with the bowler on match day. Fine tune every technique you possibly can ready for when you step up to the crease. Your confidence alone will intimidate the opposition! Hours of practice is vital for every sportsman, and cricketers are no exception, so invest in some long lasting cricket equipment and get yourself or your cricket team ready for game day.

Our cricket bowling machine can produce speeds of up to a huge 110kph, which is more than 60mph! You’ll learn to step up the pace in your own time thanks to the adjustable speed feature, so can start by steadily turning up the machine speed as your confidence grows. Start off slow and steady while you find the right style for you or perfect your form, before slowly increasing the speed each batting session. Before you know it you’ll be smashing those 110kph balls without a second thought!

Assembling the machine is incredibly simple, making it perfect for home development as well as in cricket clubs and schools. Disassembling the bowling machine is just as quick, making it easy to transport to and from practice and store away safely when it’s not in use. Your cricket bowling machine will be up and running in no time at all, getting you well on your way to becoming the next Joe Root!

The cricket machine comes with an automatic ball feeder which has the huge capacity to hold up to 12 Paceman balls, so you don’t keep having to refill your cricket balls every few hits! This means you can get in the batting zone without having to worry about your Paceman running out of cricket balls too quickly. Our cricket bowling machine includes one Regular Paceman Ball, so you can get the ball rolling on bettering your batting. Hit sixes and fours like never before with the incredible Paceman Strike.

Our Paceman Strike machine runs on UK mains electricity (220-240v) and is fitted with a UK standard 3-pin plug. If you are purchasing for countries outside the UK a voltage converter may be required to run the machine correctly on your local mains power supply. The advantage of running on mains means endless hours of cricket practice as you don’t have to stop to charge the battery. This is ideal for schools and cricket clubs who coach large groups, as this can take longer than smaller cricket coaching classes. Plug in your cricket machine for guaranteed powerful delivery, it will the show shopper of the coaching class thanks to its incredible, on target bowls to get every cricketer up to scratch.

If you require a portable cricket bowling machine, you can add a 12v battery kit to your order which is sold here at Net World Sports. The battery pack will power the machine for 1-2 hours, meaning you can take your bowling machine to the park, the cricket club or your home cricket pitch. Wherever you fancy practicing your swings, add a battery pack to get a portable cricket bowling machine for maximum impact during your batting practice! Having the portable feature means your cricket practice has no restrictions, wherever you want to take your cricket machine, you can! It is light in weight to help aid the portable nature of the machine.

The superb Strike can be purchased on its own, or why not add a pack of 12 Regular Paceman Cricket Balls to complete your high-quality equipment. With our 12 high quality cricket balls teamed with the amazing strike, your technique will drastically improve which in turn will increase your game performance. Step up to the crease with a game-winning confidence that can only be gained from training with the top quality of a Paceman cricket bowling machine.

Please note: The Paceman Strike can be safely used with all of the fantastic Paceman balls on offer. Check out our huge range of Paceman balls to find the cricket ball that best suits your needs. We stock everything from junior cricket balls, to practice cricket balls and mixed variety packs.

Housing Motor Speed Ball Feeder Drive Wheel Adjustment Ball Compatibility
Pitch Attack Plastic AC Up to 80kph 6 ball feeder included PU Pitch & Swing Light, LTD & Mixed
Original S2 Plastic AC Up to 90kph 12 ball feeder included PU Pitch Swing Light, LTD Mixed
Strike Metal DC Up to 110kph 12 ball feeder included Concave TPR Pitch Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg
Pro X2 Metal DC Up to 110kph 12 ball feeder optional Concave TPR Pitch, Swing & Spin Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg

  • Pace can be varied up to speeds in excess of 110kph (more than 68mph)
  • Adjust length for full and short-pitched deliveries
  • Automatic ball feeder included
  • Unit is UK mains powered (220-240v) and fitted with a UK standard 3 pin plug. For countries outside the UK a step up/down voltage converter may be required to run the machine correctly on your local mains power supply.
  • Alternatively our battery kit which comprises of a 1000w pure sine wave inverter and a 12v (22amp/hr) deep cycle lead-acid battery will power the machine for approximately 1-2 hours. Battery charger is not included.
  • Includes x 1 Paceman ball (additional balls can be purchased here)
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Questions & Answers

1 question | 1 answer

Hi, I am interested in the paceman, I just want to find out what the guarantee and warranty is on these products please. Kind Regards Mike


Hi Mike, Thank you for your question. With every Paceman machine there is a one year manufacturers warranty included, if there any faults or damage to the machine we can get that sorted for you. If you have any further questions please email Many thanks, Tom


Paceman Bowling Machine 2018 [Strike]

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Paceman Bowling Machine 2018 [Strike]

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