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RapidFire RF80 Rebounder

RapidFire RF80 Rebounder

  • RapidFire 80 Multi-Sport Rebounder
  • Video for RapidFire RF80 Rebounder
  • Sports Rebounder
  • Rebounding Net
  • Multi-Sport Rebounder Net
  • Rebound Net For Sports Training
  • Multi-Sport Bounce Back Net
  • Multi-Sport Kickback Net
  • RapidFire 80 Multi-Sport Rebounder
  • Video for RapidFire RF80 Rebounder
  • Sports Rebounder
  • Rebounding Net
  • Multi-Sport Rebounder Net
  • Rebound Net For Sports Training
  • Multi-Sport Bounce Back Net
  • Multi-Sport Kickback Net
The 2.5ft x 2.5ft RapidFire RF80 Rebounder will bring a new dynamic to your training sessions. The double-sided rebound net features an adjustable angle for catching, reactions & ball contesting drills. 1.5mm steel frame folds flat for easy storage & portability.

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RapidFire RF Rebounder – Dynamic Training Tool For Key Skill Areas

Bounce Back Net | Rebounding Net


This impressive rebound nest feature a fully adjustable angle which allows players to alter the flight & trajectory of the ball being returned. Ideal for catching, ball control & reaction speed training drills.

RapidFire Rebounder | Rebounder Net


The RapidFire Rebounders feature a double-sided design to allow for simultaneous training. The dual-angle approach allows sports teams to test their techniques whilst improving their understanding.

Double-Sided Rebounder | Adjustable Rebound Net


The dynamic range of RapidFire Rebound Nets is ideal for training multiple key sporting skill areas across a whole range of sports including soccer, cricket, rugby, football, GAA Gaelic Football & hurling.


RapidFire RF80 Rebounder – Multi-Sport Approach For Key Skill Areas

The smallest of our brand-new range of RapidFire rebound nets, the RF80 certainly boasts the same professional quality as its larger counterparts. Measuring 2.5ft x 2.5ft, the sturdy & robust spring-loaded rebounder is an excellent choice of training tool for working on key skill areas such as catching, reaction speeds, ball control, ball contesting and more. Expertly designed, the rebound net features a double-sided approach, with either side offering slightly different bounce characteristics for different training drills. For simple storage & portability, the high-quality rebounder folds completely flat.

  • RapidFire RF80 Rebounder – Ball control, catching, contesting & reaction speeds
  • Guaranteed supreme durability thanks to 1.5mm steel frame (powder-coated)
  • Side 1 (2ft x 2ft): 1.5m HDPP Net Twine (48mm knotted mesh)
  • Side 2 (1.9ft x 1.9ft): 2mm HDPE Net Twine (30mm knotless mesh)
  • Rebound Net features quick release pins & fully adjustable angle
  • Foldaway frame allows for simple storage & portability (use on any surface)
  • Multi-Sport Rebounder: Soccer, Cricket, Field hockey, GAA, Rugby, Football & more

Created exclusively using the highest-grade materials available, the RapidFire RF80 Rebounder guarantees a world-class performance in all conditions. The frame has been manufactured using 1.5mm thick steel & given a black powder-coating for increased strength & longevity. Side 1 features a 1.5mm HDPP 48mm mesh netting for soccer balls, rugby balls & Gaelic footballs whilst side 2 (slightly smaller) comes with a 2mm HDPE 30mm knotless mesh net for cricket balls, field hockey balls & sliotars. Whichever side of the rebound net you use, a consistently extreme bounce is always assured & the trajectory of the ball flight can be easily adjusted to affect the training drill difficulty.

PLEASE NOTE: The RapidFire RF80 Rebounder is designed to test a variety of key skill areas across a range of sports. The rebound net is an excellent choice for soccer, cricket, field hockey, GAA Gaelic Football, hurling, rugby & more.


RapidFire RF Rebounder Specifications

RapidFire RF80 Rebounder:

  • Overall Rebounder Size: 2.5ft x 2.5ft | 75cm x 75cm
  • Side 1 (Target Area): 2ft x 2ft | 63cm x 63cm
  • Side 2 (Target Area): 1.9ft x 1.9ft | 58cm x 58cm

RapidFire RF100 Rebounder:

  • Overall Rebounder Size: 3ft x 3ft | 94cm x 94cm
  • Side 1 (Target Area): 2.8ft x 2.8ft | 85cm x 85cm
  • Side 2 (Target Area): 2.5ft x 2.5ft | 78cm x 78cm

RapidFire RF150 Rebounder:

  • Overall Rebounder Size: 4.5ft x 3ft | 138cm x 94cm
  • Side 1 (Target Area): 4.2ft x 3ft | 129cm x 86cm
  • Side 2 (Target Area): 4ft x 2.5ft | 121cm x 78cm
  • RF150 can be used vertically or horizontally


  • Rebounder Frame: Premium 1.5mm Powder Coated Steel
  • Rebound Net (Side 1): 1.5m HDPP (48mm knotted mesh)
  • Rebound Net (Side 2): 2mm HDPE (30mm knotless mesh)


  • Rebounders feature a fully adjustable angle
  • Rebound Net features quick release pins for simple assembly
  • Quick release pins also allow users to convert to a handheld rebounder
  • Light-in-weight, ultra-durable & super easy to transport
  • Rebounder folds completely flat for simple storage
  • RapidFire Rebounders are ideal for soccer, cricket, field hockey, rugby, football, GAA Gaelic Football, Hurling & more.
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RapidFire RF80 Rebounder

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RapidFire RF80 Rebounder

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