Ball handling is one of the most important attributes for a goalkeeper. Reduce unforced errors by controlling the ball when in your possession.


Place 4 cones (of one colour) and 4 cones (of another colour) 20ft apart and alternating the cones on both sides at least every yard from the goal line to almost the end of the 18-yard box. Place a ball at each of the cones. The server stands at the end of the 18-yard box with around 8 balls.

The drill stars with the keeper on the goal line and works their way forward. The server shouts one of the colours which means dive to that side, and the other colour making the GK dive to the other side. (3 repetitions).

Have the keeper repeat the drill and add a shot by the server from the top of the 18-yard box, after the shot the server yells a side, here again have the keeper go for 3 repetitions. In the case that you only have one set of coloured cones then the server will shout left or right.

Points to remember:

  • Always dive forward to the next cone
  • Take a step with the closest let to the ball and shoot your hands to the ball first.
  • Plant step is at a 45-degree angle to avoid falling backwards.