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FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls [FIFA Quality]


FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls [FIFA Quality]

  • FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls [FIFA Quality]
  • FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls [FIFA Quality]
  • FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls [FIFA Quality]
  • FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls [FIFA Quality]
  • FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls [FIFA Quality]
  • FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls [FIFA Quality]
The FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls are perfect for futsal soccer teams to use in matches at any level. The futsal balls come in size 3 or size 4 in packs of 1, 3 or 12. The premium construction provides optimal air retention, allowing for a perfect bounce and excellent control.
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Futsal Ball Outdoor


The futsal balls are fitted with two air cushions made with 2.5mm EVA foam, providing high energy returns ideal for rebounds and playability.

Best Futsal Ball


The casing of the official futsal ball is manufactured using high quality coated PU material to provide increased passing speed and longevity.

Hybrid Football


The Butyl bladder construction offers an optimal low bounce for players, which is ideal for indoor games and controlling the ball.



Add a touch a class to your next futsal game with the FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Balls. The balls are available in size 3 and size 4 (regulation size and weight) and are supplied in packs of 1, 3 & 12. First touch & ball control is a key skill in futsal, which is why the FORZA Pro Futsal balls are fitted with a Butyl bladder filled with polyester fibres to provide optimal air retention, making a perfect bounce whilst providing excellent control. Supplied in a sleek green/white/black design, the futsal balls have a hi abrasion PU casing, which makes the ball suitable to use on multiple playing surfaces, such as AstroTurf, grass and indoors. The PU material of the ball is water & tear resistant, meaning it is a common material choice for premium level balls. Reinforced with a layer of PV, manufactured using an interweaving method and laminated with high ammonia latex, the ball is then treated with 60% dry rubber to provide bacteriostatic protection and longevity.

  • FORZA Pro Futsal Ball – Futsal ball size 3 and futsal ball size 4 both available in packs of 1, 3 & 12
  • Each futsal match soccer ball is made with hi abrasion PU casing for consistent performance on multiple playing surfaces
  • The indoor futsal ball offers a perfect bounce and excellent control
  • Get an official futsal ball with the size 4 ball option, or get the size 3 ball for younger players
  • The coated PU material of the ball provides players with increased passing speed

FORZA Pro Futsal Soccer Ball Specifications


  • Size 3 (L x W x H): 20cm x 20cm x 20cm (7.9in x 7.9in x 7.9in)
  • Size 4 (L x W x H): 22cm x 22cm x 22cm (8.7in x 8.7in x 8.7in)
  • Surface Layer Thickness: 1.1mm (0.04in)


  • Reinforced with a layer PV & made using an interweaving method
  • Laminated with high ammonia latex and treated with 60% dry rubber for longevity
  • Print of the ball is made using reactive & cross-linked PU ink for scratch resistance
  • Material Composition: Polyurethane based material on microfibre backing
  • PU material allows for high level of performance due to the elasticity of the material
  • PU is also water & tear resistant, meaning it is a common choice of material for premium balls
  • Bladder: Butyl 2200y of polyester for better air retention than latex balls
  • The use of high percentage of butyl for the bladder allows the ball to retain its shape better
  • Casing Material: Hi abrasion PU for multi-surface use and provides consistent performance


  • 24 Panel ball in green/white/black
  • Size 4 ball conforms to official Futsal Match regulations
  • Please note: Size 3 balls have been manufactured to the exact same specification as the FIFA certified size 4 ball, however the size 3 does not have official certification.
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Based on 2 customer reviews

Our kids futsal club have been using forza balls for a while now. This model is different to the one we’ve previously used but it is a great ball. The weight and feel is perfect and it looks great too
Connor Whelan
Best balls we’ve used and we’ve tried a few!
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