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Sports Day Pack

Sports Day Pack

  • Sports Day Pack
  • Sports Day Pack
A complete sports day set with a wide range of equipment & added safety features. These packs are perfect for primary & junior schools to set up different races & games for children to improve their teamwork & communication skills. Suitable both indoors & outdoors.

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The Ultimate Sports Day Package for Schools

The Sports Day Pack is a complete set that features all the necessary equipment needed for fun filled sports days. Created with primary schools in mind, this pack comes equipped with 77 pieces of robust equipment that will simultaneously provide enjoyment and safety for children. As each element of this set has been designed to help improve motor function skills and hand-eye coordination, you’ll be able to construct engaging games for younger children of all abilities. With this comprehensive range of classic sports day equipment, you’re guaranteed to enjoy fun and energetic games in both indoor and outdoor environments.

  • This set includes: 6 x Foam Relay Batons, 25 x Space Markers, 1 x Plastic Whistle and Lanyard, 20 x Plastic Skipping Ropes, 6 x Three-Legged Race Ties and 6 x Eggs and Spoons.
  • 4 x Albion Vinyl Jump Sacks, 4 x Bean Bags, 1 x Flag, 1 x Start Line and Finish Line Set, 1 x Albion Team Holdall, 1 x Wipe Clean Race Card and 1 x Wipe Clean Certificate.
  • Ideal for encouraging children to use communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination through the various race games included.
  • Each set has been especially designed to be exceedingly safe and ultra-durable.

This ultimate athletics kids pack is ideal for creating entertaining activities that will allow groups of children to effectively utilise their team building skills. As each set includes various types of equipment like color coded relay batons and three-legged race ties, children will be encouraged to use their hand-eye coordination as well as problem solving and communicate skills in order to win their respective races. For added durability and safety, these sets have been designed with additional safeguarding features. With non-slip jump sacks, foam batons and hook and loop fastening leg ties, every child is guaranteed to be safe while they participate in these playful and lively activities.

For more high quality and child friendly products, discover the full range in the Net World Sports School Equipment category.


Sports Day Pack Specifications:

What You Get:

  • 25x Space Markers
  • 20x Plastic Skipping Ropes
  • 6 x Foam Relay Batons
  • 6x Three-Legged Race Ties
  • 6x Egg & Spoons
  • 4x Albion Vinyl Jump Sacks
  • 4x Bean bags
  • 1x Plastic Whittle & Lanyard
  • 1x Flag
  • 1x Start Line & Finish Line Set
  • 1x Albion Team Holdall
  • 1x Wipe Clean Race Card
  • 1x Wipe Clean Certificate


  • Perfect for sports day at primary & junior schools
  • Large assortment of equipment
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