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FORZA Water Polo Match Balls [Size 3/4/5]

FORZA Water Polo Match Balls [Size 3/4/5]

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The pinnacle of water polo match day equipment, this Water Polo Match Ball boasts exceptional quality & performance, suitable for both elite & amateur players. Designed from premium rubber & neoprene material, it offers unmatched durability, grip & precision. Available individually or in packs of 5 in standard sizes 3, 4 & 5, these match balls cater to men's, women's & youth water polo gameplay.

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Elite Water Polo Match Balls For All Levels Of Competition

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Long-Lasting Durability

Engineered to withstand the rigors of competitive play, this match ball features a hand-buffed rubber/neoprene composition, ensuring longevity & consistent performance.

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Enhanced Grip

Boasting innovative Wet Weather Grip+ Technology & grooved design, the ball surface reacts with water to provide superior grip & control in intense matches & training sessions.

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Premium Materials

Crafted from a high-quality rubber & neoprene blend, this game ball boasts a waterproof seal, helping to maintain its integrity even in the most demanding aquatic environments.


Premium Water Polo Match Balls – Ideal For Competition Games & Championships At Any Level

The FORZA Water Polo Match Ball has been engineered to meet the demands of elite competition, setting a new standard of excellence in water polo balls. Its vibrant Black and Yellow design mirrors its outstanding quality and high-performance standards. With a hand-buffed, non-slip texture and innovative grooved design, alongside Wet Weather Grip+ Technology enhancing its grip in wet conditions, it guarantees optimal handling and accuracy. This feature is particularly beneficial for sensing the ball, controlling it effectively and practicing precise passes and shots. Utilizing a premium blend of rubber and neoprene in a hard-wearing layered construction, this game-quality ball is chlorine-resistant, 100% waterproof, and built to withstand rough play, including impacts with water polo goals and pool tiles. The nylon wound carcass on the internal bladder guarantees that the ball maintains its shape exceptionally well for an extended period. Suitable for competitions at all levels, the FORZA Water Polo Match Balls come in standard sizes 3, 4, and 5 to meet the standards for a wide range of age groups. With convenient options of 1x or 5x packs, the FORZA Water Polo Match Ball provides flexibility to meet the specific needs of individual players and teams.

  • FORZA Water Polo Match Ball – High-quality match ball for top-tier competitions & games
  • Layered construction for an impact-resistant & waterproof match ball
  • Premium blend of rubber & neoprene, offering unmatched durability, tacky feel & precision
  • Features a hand-buffed, non-slip finish & grooved design with Grip+ Technology for optimal finger grip
  • Available in sizes 3, 4, & 5, suitable for various age group championships at every level

FORZA Water Polo Match Ball Specifications



  • Size 5: 680mm-710mm | 26.8in-28in
  • Size 4: 650mm-670mm | 25.5in-26.4in
  • Size 3: 580mm-610mm | 22.8in-24in


  • Size 5: 400-450g | 14-16oz
  • Size 4: 400-450g | 14-16oz
  • Size 3: 350-390g | 12.5-14oz


  • Outer: Premium rubber & neoprene blend for a 100% waterproof game-quality ball
  • Nylon wound carcass on the internal bladder for ball shape retention


  • Elite-level water polo ball for competitions & training sessions at any level
  • No-slip buffed finish with Grip+ Technology for enhanced grip
  • Size 5 - Official size & weight, suitable for male adults of 16+ (FINA Standards)
  • Size 4 - Official size & weight, suitable for women and boys aged 12–16 (FINA Standards)
  • Size 3 - Intermediate size ball, suitable for girls aged 11–13 & boys aged 11–12
  • Comes individually or in team packs of 5
  • Color: Black & Yellow
  • Designed for use in chlorinated water
  • Requires inflation before use
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