In order to optimize performance and comfort, it’s important for goalkeepers to use goalie gloves that fit correctly. If a goalkeeper is wearing gloves that are too big, it can impact the ability to catch and hold the ball, whilst the same can be said for gloves that are too small and uncomfortably tight.

It’s for the reasons outlined above, that we’ve created a useful soccer goalie gloves size chart and table, organized by age. The table below gives a general guide to goalie glove sizes for different age ranges, although we recommend reading on to find out how to measure goalie gloves to ensure you get the best possible fit.




4 6-7 YEARS 5.9IN (15CM)
5 8-9 YEARS 6.3IN (16CM)
6 10-11 YEARS 6.8IN (17.2CM)
7 LARGE YOUTH 7.2IN (18.2CM)
8 SMALL ADULT 7.6IN (19.4CM)
10 LARGE ADULT 8.5IN (21.5CM)
11 XL ADULT 8.9IN (22.6CM)

How To Measure Hand Size For Goalie Gloves

As mentioned previously we highly recommend measuring your hand size so you know exactly what size goalie gloves to buy.

The image below outlines the method for measuring a goalkeeper’s hand-size, in order to buy the correct gloves. If you follow the instructions detailed in the first image on the left, you should be able to accurately gauge your palm width and length, plus your strap length and depth. You can then use the glove size chart on the right to interpret your measurements and see which size gloves you need.

goalkeeper gloves sizes chart

Whether you’re looking to buy kids' goalie gloves or gloves for senior players, you can now buy with confidence knowing exactly which glove model/size is best suited to your requirements!