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Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)

Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)

  • Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)
  • Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)
  • Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)
  • Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)
  • Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)
7-inch dual sided fitness gliders for use on hard and soft flooring. The hard side is manufactured from ABS plastic for use on soft floors such as carpet whilst the soft side is manufactured from soft EVA foam.

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7-Inch Dual Sided Fitness Gliders for Core Workouts

Core Fitness Gliders For Use On Hard And Soft Floors

Non-Impact Workouts 

The use of fitness gliders promotes low impact exercise. This in turn will make the usual aches and pains after high intensity workouts a thing of the past.

Pair Of Dual Sided Work Out Sliders

Glide on Any Surface 

Manufactured from ABS plastic and EVA foam, our dual sided core fitness gliders allow you to effortlessly slide across hard and soft floors.

Workout Sliders For Core Training Exercises

Constantly Work Your Core 

Adding a fitness glider into your routines will lead to progression in your core stability, using the core slides requires constant core stabilisation.


7 inch Dual Sided Core Fitness Sliders For Use On Hard And Soft Surfaces

Fitness gliders are a simple way to intensify your workouts at the gym and at home. Moves such as lunges, mountain climbers and knee tucks become more intense with the use of our 7 inch (18cm) wide dual sided fitness gliders. Constructed from EVA foam and ABS plastic, the workout sliders can be used on hard and soft surfaces.

  • The core gliders are dual sided for use on hard and soft floors.
  • Fitness sliders are manufactured from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic for soft floors and EVA foam for hard floors.
  • Pack of two 7-inch (18cm) gliders are included with your purchase.
  • Core gliders can be used to target specific muscle groups during workouts.
  • The non-impact method of fitness discs reduces impact on joints meaning you will feel less aches after gym sessions.

Regardless of what type of floor you plan to work out on, the dual sided construction of our 7-inch (18cm) diameter gliding discs ensure you will smoothly slide across the ground. One side is constructed from ABS plastic which is ideal for soft surfaces such as carpeted floors and the other is made from EVA foam for use on hard surfaces such as gym and wooden floors. 

Workout sliders can be used to target a variety of muscle groups allowing you to tailor your workout to your body’s needs. Using the workout gliders requires constant core stabilisation, meaning that whenever you use the gliders you will be getting a rewarding core workout. 

Core sliders are a great way to work out while minimising risk of injury or soreness to your joints. As your feet, knees or arms never leave the core gliders there is practically zero impact. This reduces stress on your joints which will make your aches and pains after high-intensity workouts a thing of the past.



  • Each glider has a diameter of 7 inches (18cm)


  • Soft side is manufacturd from ABS plastic 
  • Hard side is manufactured from EVA foam


  • Colour: Black and blue
  • Features Net World Sports logo
  • Targets core muscles
  • Two fitness gliders will be supplied. 
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Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)

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Dual-Sided Fitness Gliders (Pair)

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