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Balance Trainers

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    Metis Balance Cushion | Wobble Cushion | Net World Sports

    METIS Balance Cushion

    Special Price $19.99

    Regular Price: $29.99

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    Metis Wobble/Balance Board | Fitness Training Tool | Net World Sports

    METIS Wobble/Balance Board

    Special Price $14.99

    Regular Price: $24.99

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    METIS Balance Ball / Trainer | Net World Sports

    METIS Balance Ball/Trainer

    Special Price $74.99

    Regular Price: $104.99

Whether you are looking to rehab an ankle injury, build core strength or avoid falls, balance trainers have a wide array of benefits. Fun to use, our wobble boards are made using durable PVC and feature a dimpled non-slip surface for additional safety. Great for lunges, squats, and even functional workstations, the METIS Balance Cushion is manufactured using rubber and anti-burst PVC. A great tool for boxers, you can integrate upper body movements and exercises with our balance ball trainer with clip-on resistance bands. Balance training is also ideal for yoga practitioners and can help improve efficiency and safety when performing poses including Tree Pose and Warrior III.

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