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Football Tackle Tube

Football Tackle Tube

    American Football Tackle Tube American Football Tackle Drills Tackle Ring Drills Senior Tackle Ring Junior Tackle Ring
  • American Football Tackle Tube
  • American Football Tackle Drills
  • Tackle Ring Drills
  • Senior Tackle Ring
  • Junior Tackle Ring
Football Tackle Tubes available in junior, youth and senior sizes. Manufactured from weather resistant rip proof PVC. 10 inch thick multi-layered absorbent foam core. Circular design provides a moving target for players.

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Simulate A Realistic Opponent With These Football Tackle Shields

Football Tackle Tube PVC Material

Weatherproof PVC Covers

With outer casings made from easy clean weather and rip proof PVC these football tackle tubes are designed to be used in all weather conditions.

football tackle wheel

Made To Move

You can push these tackle tubes along the ground to help simulate a more realistic moving opponent, helping players build speed and momentum before tackles.

Football Tackle Ring Handle

Heavy-Duty Grad Handles

The tackle pads can also be comfortably held in position during training sessions thanks to the hard-wearing woven carry handles.


Make Training Sessions More Dynamic With These Weatherproof Circular Tackle Tubes

Available in youth, junior and senior sizes these weatherproof Football Tackle Tubes can be used to provide your players with a moving target which will help to simulate realistic game day conditions. To further the feel of a real match the circular tackle shields also feature woven straps on the inside ring which can hold an football at a height similar to a opposition player. This feature helps players keep their eyes on the ball throughout tackles.

  • Football Tackle Tubes are manufactured from weatherproof PVC.
  • Dense 10 inch (25cm) thick multi-layered foam inserts protect coaches and players.
  • Circular design allows the tubes to be mobile.
  • Handles are placed on the outer ring to hold the tubes in place throughout training sessions.
  • Woven handles are also placed inside the inner ring to hold a football in place.
  • Available in junior 10lbs (4.5kg), youth 13lbs (6kg) and senior 15lbs (7kg).

The low height which these circular shields stand at conditions football players to start their tackles at a lower height than normal. This refined technique will result in improved footwork and tackling success on the gridiron.

It is important to remain safe on the training field especially during tackling drills which is why these circular pads are filled with 10 inches (25cm) of multi-layered high-density foam. This material is more than capable of absorbing the impact of an onrushing defensive guard ensuring your training sessions will always be safe. Combined with the PVC weather and rip proof outer casing you can rely on these circular tackle shields to excel in all weather conditions.

Please note: Always use the handles when carrying the football tackle ring. Dragging can prematurely wear away the stitching and damage the ring.

   Inner Diameter  Outer Diameter  Thickness
 Junior (10lbs / 4.5kg)
 15 Inches (38cm)  33 Inches (84cm)
 9 Inches (23cm)
 Youth (13lbs / 6kg)  16 Inches (41cm)  37 Inches (94cm)  10 Inches (25cm)
 Senior (15lbs / 7kg)
 20 Inches (51cm)  40 Inches (102cm)  10 Inches (25cm)



  • Junior (10lbs) : 15 inches (38cm) inner x 33 inches (84cm) outer x 9 inches (23cm) thick
  • Youth (13lbs): 16 inches (41cm) inner x 37 inches (94cm) outer x 10 inches (25cm) thick
  • Senior (15lbs): 50 inches (21cm) inner x 40 inches (102cm) outer x 10 inches (25cm) thick


  • Outer casing: Easy clean weather and rip proof PVC
  • Insert: multi layered high-density foam
  • Grad handles: Woven canvas


  • Color: blue and black
  • Circular design facilities a moving target
  • Handles placed on the inner ring can hold a football in a position similar to a real player
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Football Tackle Tube

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Football Tackle Tube

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