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FORZA Field Hockey Target Net

FORZA Field Hockey Target Net

  • FORZA Field Hockey Target Net
  • FORZA Field Hockey Target Net
  • FORZA Field Hockey Target Net
  • FORZA Field Hockey Target Net
  • FORZA Field Hockey Target Net
Enhance shot precision using our premium FORZA Field Hockey Target Net. Measuring 22in x 22in x 30in. Manufactured with ultra-durable mesh to withstand impact from the hardest shots. Effortlessly attaches to goal posts with bungee cords. Suitable for field hockey coaches and all players.

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With its swift and uncomplicated assembly, the field hockey target nets can be setup quickly and easily. Securely attach by feeding the bungee cords through the eyelets and tie around the posts.


These FORZA Field Hockey Target Nets can be used by coaches and players to intensify training sessions, improving player shooting accuracy and ultimately boosting gameday performance.


The expertly manufactured mesh material enables these field hockey training nets to withstand high-velocity balls consistently and effectively from the beginning to the end of any training session.


FORZA Field Hockey Target Net – Available in two sizes for comprehensive field hockey shooting drills

Elevate your accuracy to the ultimate level with our FORZA Field Hockey Target Net. Designed to develop and improve your accuracy, resulting in precision strikes with every swing. The robust mesh net design of the field hockey net allows it to efficiently capture high-velocity balls consistently from the first minute to the last. Lightweight and portable, allowing for effortless transportation to every training session. The field hockey shooting target is compatible with all standard field hockey goal posts and can be securely fitted using the included bungees. Simply thread the bungee through the eyelets and secure to the corner of the goal frame. Suitable for field hockey players of all ages and abilities, from amateur players to seasoned professionals.

  • FORZA Field Hockey Target Net – Ultimate field hockey training net for shooting drills
  • Manufactured with a durable mesh to withstand the hardest and most accurate strikes
  • Measuring 22in x 22in x 30in - Providing a generous target for all players
  • Securely attaches to the corner of all field hockey goals using bungee cords included
  • Lightweight and portable design allows for easy transport to every training session

FORZA Field Hockey Target Net Specifications


  • Size: 22in x 22in x 30in | 57cm x 57cm x 76cm


  • Manufactured from durable mesh and nylon
  • Eyelets made from durable copper to help secure net


  • Bungee cords included
  • FORZA Field Hockey Target Net: 5 bungee cords and 5 eyelets
  • Suitable for all field hockey players and coaches
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