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FORZA Rugby Post Ground Socket Turf Trays [2x Sizes]

FORZA Rugby Post Ground Socket Turf Trays [2x Sizes]

  • FORZA Rugby Post Ground Socket Turf Trays [2x Sizes]
  • FORZA Rugby Post Ground Socket Turf Trays [2x Sizes]
  • FORZA Rugby Post Ground Socket Turf Trays [2x Sizes]
Professional-grade ground socket covers designed to sit on top of concrete rugby post ground sockets when posts aren’t in use. Available in two sizes & suitable for world cup rugby posts, the drop in turf trays can be used with turf or 3G/4G rubber granules (75mm tray depth for both sizes). Sold in packs of 2.

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FORZA Rugby Post Ground Socket Turf Trays [2x Sizes]


Easy to install, the FORZA Turf tray has been expertly designed to sit seamlessly on top of concrete ground sockets. Simply slot into the sockets once posts have been removed.


The drop in trays ensure ground sockets are fully protected against falling debris when posts aren’t being used – drastically improving lifespan & ensuring easier installation for posts.


Suited to grass & 3G/4G pitches, simply fill turf tray with whatever pitch type you use. Once secured onto socket, your pitch will look seamless whilst protecting socket at the same time.


FORZA Drop In Turf Trays – #1 Ground Socket Cover Solution For Rugby Pitches

A perfect solution for grass, 3G & 4G pitches, the FORZA Drop In Turf Trays allow you to keep your ground sockets protected & safely disguised when rugby posts are not in use. Available in two sizes, our turf trays are suitable for sockets used with a range of rugby post sizes – from 8m to 17m (World Cup standard). Suitable for year-round use in all conditions, the turf trays feature a reinforced aluminium frame with a flexible rubber lining that is bolted onto the edge to stop debris falling into the ground socket. Sold in pairs, please see rugby post compatibility in table below.

Turf Tray Size Guide:

Alu80 Tray World Cup Tray
Tray Size 180mm x 180mm 280mm x 280mm
Socket Compatibility 75mm 140mm
Compatible With (Rugby Post Size) 8m / 10m / 13m Posts 15m / 17m Posts
Tray Depth 75mm 75mm
Total Depth 133mm 133mm

FORZA Rugby Post Turf Trays Specifications


  • Alu80 Size: 180mm x 180mm | 7in x 7in
  • World Cup Size: 280mm x 280mm | 11in x 11in
  • Tray Depth (Both): 75mm | 3in
  • Total Depth (Both): 133mm | 5in
  • Alu80 Weight:
  • World Cup Weight:


  • Both Sizes: 3m aluminium with 5mm flexible rubber sides


  • Sold in pairs
  • Suitable for any ground sockets 75mm or bigger (choose appropriate size based on your ground socket)
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