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Paceman 176 Cricket Bowling Machine [New 2022 Original Model]


Paceman 176 Cricket Bowling Machine [New 2022 Original Model]

  • Paceman 176 Cricket Bowling Machine [New 2022 Original Model]
  • Paceman 176 Cricket Bowling Machine [New 2022 Original Model]
  • Paceman 176 Cricket Bowling Machine [New 2022 Original Model]
  • Paceman 176 Cricket Bowling Machine [New 2022 Original Model]
Ideal for cricket clubs & schools, this Paceman Cricket Bowling Machine will transform your batting practice. Delivers balls up to 62mph/100kph with a variety of lengths & swing characteristics. Features an auto-ball feeder & optional FORTRESS Light Cricket Balls.
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Paceman 176 Cricket Bowling Machine – Transform You Batting Practice

cricket training equipment

Power Sources

The cricket training machines can be used with 2 power sources. Upgrade to include a standard UK mains supply (220-240V) &/or a SLA battery kit for which provides up to 2 hours of wireless use.

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High Velocity

Transform your home batting training set up using these high-quality Paceman 176 Bowling Machines which can reach speeds of up to 62mph (100kph) with various spin options.

cricket bowling machine

Auto Feeder Wheel

The premium bowling machines feature a TPE wheel with a 12-ball automatic feeder allowing you to spend more time practicing - Ideal option for home training & practice sessions.


Paceman 176 Cricket Bowling Machine – Transform Your Batting Practice

An excellent choice for cricket clubs, schools & the back garden, the 2022 model of the Paceman Cricket Bowling Machine offers players match-like deliveries with excellent consistency. Unique to other cricket bowling machines, the Paceman 176 allows players & coaches to alter delivery length, ball swing & speeds, boasting the ability of sending cricket balls down the wicket at speeds up to 62mph (100kph).  The maintenance-free concave moulded TPE wheel ensures a consistent delivery & precision is always achieved.  Coming with a 12-ball capacity auto-feeder, the cricket bowling machine features an optional 12 pack FORTRESS Light Cricket Bowling Balls.  The Paceman 176 feature a variety of power sources including a standard UK mains supply (220-240V) which is fitted with a UK regulation 3-pin plug or  battery kit for up to 2 hours of wireless action

  • Paceman Cricket Bowling Machine – Perfect option for cricket clubs & schools
  • Expertly designed to deliver cricket balls at speeds up to 62mph/100kph
  • Machine allows coaches to alter ball swing & length whilst featuring an auto-ball feeder
  • Optional mains powered (220-240V) source & comes with a UK three-pin plug
  • Optional battery gives Paceman a wireless battery life of up to 2 hours
  • Pack of 12 FORTRESS Cricket Bowling Machine Balls available as optional extra

PLEASE NOTE: The Paceman Cricket Bowling Machines should be used with Bowling Machine Balls ONLY. Other types of cricket ball may cause damage to mechanism & affect overall performance.


Paceman 176 Pitching Machine Specifications


  • Bowling machine allows users to alter ball speeds, swing characteristics & ball length
  • Will deliver cricket balls of speeds up to 62mph (100kph)
  • 12 ball capacity auto-ball feeder included for solo batting practice

Optional Power Sources (add above):

  • UK mains powered (220-240v) – Standard 3-pin plug included but for countries outside the UK, a voltage converter may be required (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Battery Kit: 18AH SLA Battery + Charger


  • 12 Pack of FORTRESS Bowling Machine Balls are available as an optional extra
  • Only Bowling Machine Balls should be used with this cricket bowling machine
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Paceman requires a mains power pack or an 18AH SLA Battery to function. 
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Based on 1 customer reviews

Craig Roberts
I was really impressed with the accuracy of this model. Don't be put off by the maximum bowling speed compared to more expensive models either, it's completely fine for local club level. Being able to change the bowling speed is a huge plus.
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Questions & Answers

9 questions | 9 answers

Does the electric motor work as per US configuration? Can I use it in the USA?




Can tennis balls be used?


Hi Dillon, Thank you for your question. Tennis balls cannot be used with this machine as it will affect the motor mechanism which affect the speed the balls can be pitched at. Paceman balls can only be used with this machine, in particular the Light and LTD balls only. If you have any further questions please email Many thanks, Tom


Can this be used for pickle balls


Hi Brooke, Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately not, only Paceman balls are suitable to be used with this machine. Using another type of ball may damage the motor and affect the performance of the machine. I hope this makes sense for you. If you have any further questions then please let us know. Many thanks, Adam


Does the battery pack include a battery charger or will that need to be bought separately


Hi Rob, Thank you for your question. The battery allows for 2-3 hours playtime and the battery charger is not included and will need to be bought separately. If you have any further questions please do let me know. Many thanks, Tom


Can this machine be used with real cricket balls?


Hi Syed, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately not, only the Paceman specific balls can be used in the Paceman machines. The list of balls compatible with our Paceman machines can be seen here:
I hope this helps with your inquiry. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Many thanks, Adam


is this a Orginal S2 or the upgraded Orignal S2 club


Hello, thank you very much for the enquiry. This is Paceman Original S2 machine. At this moment in time we are not aware/do not stock a 'Club' edition of this particular machine. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us on
Many thanks,


Whats the weight of the package


Hello Vishal, Thank you for your question. The approximate weight is 22KG (48lbs), it is all packed into one individual box. If you have any further questions please email Many thanks, Tom


What speed does this bowling machine go up to?


Hello Charlie, Thank you for your question. The Original S2 machine has a speed that goes up to around 55mph (90kph). If you have any further questions please email Many thanks, Tom


just wondering what the pricing would be to ship it to houston. timeline for shipping and authenticity of this product. will it come with feeder incouded ? warranty and return details.


Thank you for your question, the shipping for the product would be $49.99 for our 5-10 shipping option or $59.99 for the express 3 day shipping option.
The 12 ball auto feeder is included with this product, the machine has a 1 year warranty as standard, but will certainly exceed this.
If you require returns information you can contact our helpful customer service team on 866-861-9095 who will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have, returns information is also located at the bottom of our website page under customer information.

If you require any pricing please email who will be able to help you with any pricing information you may need.

Best wishes,


NWS Alex