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Rack Netting [Ultra Heavy-Duty]


Rack Netting [Ultra Heavy-Duty]

  • Ultra Heavy-Duty Rack Netting
  • Weatherproof Warehouse Rack Netting
  • Safety Pallet Netting For Warehouses
  • 3mm Twine With 48mm Mesh
  • Ultra Heavy-Duty Rack Netting
  • Weatherproof Warehouse Rack Netting
  • Safety Pallet Netting For Warehouses
  • 3mm Twine With 48mm Mesh
Ultra-heavy duty rack netting manufactured from weatherproof 3mm twine with 48mm mesh. Tie cords included for a tight connection to warehouse racks. Available in 5 sizes. 1 year warranty.
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Weatherproof Warehouse Netting Manufactured From 3mm Twine

Tie Cords Included

Tie cords are included with this rack netting to ensure it is tightly bound to your warehouse racks. These hard-wearing fasteners allow you to quickly access your cargo without reducing the level of safety the rack nets offer.   

Reliable Rack Netting

To prevent this warehouse netting from corroding after exposure to sunlight, it is manufactured from weatherproof 3mm thick twine. This ultra-durable material ensures the pallet netting remains strong throughout all warehouse conditions.

Choose Your Size

Made to increase the level of safety within your warehouse, this rack netting is available in five different configurations. The various sizes ensure you will be able to tightly secure the netting to your shelves for the optimum level of safety.


Premium Warehouse Rack Netting With Easy To Use Tie Cords Available In 5 Sizes

Designed to create a safe working environment for warehouse operatives, this ultra heavy-duty rack netting is manufactured from high-quality 3mm thick twine. This incredibly durable material prevents the pallet rack nets from breaking under the strain of any falling box. Further strengthening the tight bond between the rack netting and your warehouse shelves are elasticated tie cords. These easy to attach fasteners create a non-permanent bond between your warehouse racks and the netting which can still be easily removed when you need to access your merchandise.

  • Ultra heavy-duty rack nets manufactured from green 3mm thick twine with 48mm mesh
  • Warehouse nets are 100% weatherproof 
  • Tie cords included for tight attachment to warehouse shelving
  • Available in sizes 8ft x 5ft, 12ft x 8ft, 15ft x 9ft, 18ft x 12ft or 24ft x 12ft
  • 1 year warranty

Made to fit a range of warehouse shelving arrangements, this hard-wearing pallet rack safety netting is available in 5 sizes-8ft x 5ft (2.4m x 1.5m), 12ft x 8ft (3.6m x 2.4m), 15ft x 9ft (4.5m x 2.7m), 18ft x 12ft (5.5m x 3.6m) or 24ft x 12ft (7.3m x 3.6m). Each size comes with a 1 year warranty to guarantee you will receive the full value of these high-quality pallet rack safety netting.   

If you require a bespoke amount of rack netting, Net World Sports also supplies custom length warehouse netting. Available in heights between 4ft (1.2m) and 50ft (15.2m), you can manually enter the length of netting you require to ensure your warehouse, stockroom or distribution centre always operates at the highest level of safety.



  • Rack netting sizes: 8ft x 5ft, 12ft x 8ft, 15ft x 9ft, 18ft x 12ft or 24ft x 12ft


  • 3mm thick ultra-heavy duty twine with 48mm mesh


  • Colour: Green
  • Tie cords included
  • Warehouse rack netting is 100% weatherproof
  • 1 year warranty
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Steve L
Perfect choice for the job. Super strong & reasonably priced
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