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FORZA Size 2 Soccer Balls

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    Training Soccer Ball

    FORZA Training Soccer Balls

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    FORZA Double Action Hand Air Pump

    FORZA Double Action Hand Air Pump

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Size 2 soccer balls are typically used by children aged 3-5 years old. Small soccer balls or "skill balls" are ideal for young children looking to develop fundamental dribbling, passing and shooting skills. Kicking and handling bigger soccer balls can be frustrating for small children who may not possess the strength and power to dribble, shoot or pass anything larger than a size 2 ball. Specifically designed to provide the most practical size and weight for infants, FORZA size 2 soccer balls can help your child develop skills that are seamlessly transferrable to larger soccer balls at a later age. Used by coaches across the USA, FORZA soccer balls are available in various designs and are uniquely created to provide a superior level of durability and performance.