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6 x 4 FORZA Soccer Goal Post


6 x 4 FORZA Soccer Goal Post

  • Family Friendly Football Goals
  • Video for 6 x 4 FORZA Soccer Goal Post
  • 6ft x 4ft FORZA Soccer Goal Post
  • Soccer Goals For Kids
  • Weatherproof PVC Soccer Goals
  • Best Backyard Soccer Goals For Kids
  • Family Friendly Soccer Goals
  • FORZA Soccer Goals For Kids
  • Essential Locking System Makes The Goal The Best On The Market
  • Range Of Soccer Goals For The Backyard
  • Backyard Soccer Goal
  • Family Friendly Football Goals
  • Video for 6 x 4 FORZA Soccer Goal Post
  • 6ft x 4ft FORZA Soccer Goal Post
  • Soccer Goals For Kids
  • Weatherproof PVC Soccer Goals
  • Best Backyard Soccer Goals For Kids
  • Family Friendly Soccer Goals
  • FORZA Soccer Goals For Kids
  • Essential Locking System Makes The Goal The Best On The Market
  • Range Of Soccer Goals For The Backyard
  • Backyard Soccer Goal
6ft x 4ft FORZA Soccer Goal Post with an essential locking system. Durable weathrpoof uPVC frame and a 2mm UV stabilized HDPE goal net. Easy to assemble backyard goal for kids. Add a Backyard Soccer Ball, 6 x 4 Target Sheet and/or Goal Carry Bag in the essentials below.

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4.95/5 (Read 398 customer reviews)

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6ft x 4ft FORZA Soccer Goal Post - Backyard Soccer Goals For Kids

6ft x 4ft FORZA Locking Soccer Goals | Kids Soccer Goals

Weatherproof Backyard Goal

At 6ft x 4ft, this uPVC soccer goal is the perfect size for backyard use by kids. The strong construction is lightweight enough to be moved with ease.

Essential Locking System | Backyard Soccer Goals

Essential Locking System

The hallmark of every FORZA soccer goal is the essential locking system which securely connects the frame, absorbing impact from the hardest shots.

Ultimate Backyard Kids Soccer Goal | Portable Soccer Goals

Quick and Easy Goal Assembly

This 6 x 4 FORZA soccer goal is ready for use in minutes, and once they are built they can be left set up in the backyard in all weather conditions  


6 x 4 FORZA Soccer Goal - PVC Backyard Goal With An Essential Locking System

The backyard represents the ultimate venue for soccer-enthused children, a place where the final whistle never blows and the fun never ends. This 6ft x 4ft soccer goal is the best weatherproof backayrd goal for kids who harbour ambitions of walking in the footsteps of their MLS idols. Boasting value matched only by its quality manufacturing, this junior soccer goal set is the best way to introduce kids to the beautiful game.

  • 6ft x 4ft FORZA Soccer Goal Post which is perfectly sized for use as a backyard goal for kids
  • The goal features an essential locking system for enhanced rigidity and strength
  • A quick and easy assembly process which takes a matter of minutes from beginning to end
  • Lightweight and highly durable goal frame which is made from high quality weatherproof uPVC
  • 2mm UV stabilized HDPE soccer nets included as well as strong net clips and anchor pegs
  • 6ft x 4ft FORZA Target Sheet & carry bag can be purchased separately from the essentials drop-down

The weatherproof backyard goal allows for consistent kids soccer all year round. Comprising of durable PVC goal posts and a rot-proof 2mm UV stabilized HDPE soccer goal net, this weatherproof soccer goal post and net package facilitates backyard training drills and family kickabouts during adverse weather conditions. Perfect for kids with an insatiable appetite for soccer, this long-lasting and reliable 6ft x 4ft childrens soccer goal post braves torrential weather conditions to provide year-round soccer action. For ease of storage, the soccer goals for schools can be left fully assembled without becoming damaged.

The secret weapon of this fantastic FORZA soccer goal is its essential locking system. While the uPVC goal posts are light enough to lift by hand, the essential locking system enhances rigidity, allowing it to absorb the impact of well-hit strikes. Securely locking the tough goal posts into place, the locking system provides this FORZA soccer goal with high levels of strength while maintaining a freestanding design that is portable and easy to carry.

Not only does the essential locking system make this 6 x 4 soccer goal sturdy and secure, but it also allows for quick and easy assembly. The assembly process takes mere minutes from beginning to completion, with each goal post simply locking into place with ease. 6 x 4 soccer goals are the recomended size for 3 - 7 year olds, although its versatility makes it suitable for use by a variety of age groups. Everything you need for backyard soccer accompanies this goal, including an all-weather goal net, sturdy net clips and anchor pegs.

PLEASE NOTE - This 6ft x 4ft FORZA Soccer Goal Post is just one backyard goal from the wider FORZA Soccer Goal family. There are various sizes of essential locking system soccer goals to choose from, all of which can be located here.



  • Goal Size (Length x Height): 6ft x 4ft | 1.82m x 1.22m
  • Bottom depth of 4ft (1.22m)


  • 2mm UV stabilized HDPE net supplied with every goal
  • Net has reinforced edges
  • The frame is made from strong uPVC


  • Package size (Length x Width x Height): 112cm x 34cm x 13.6cm | 44in x 13in x 5in
  • Weight of package: 8.5kg | 18.7lbs

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend taking your goal down during extreme weather conditions to ensure maximum longevity.

Don't just take our word for it


Based on 398 customer reviews

Stu Roberts
This product is 100% value for money. It's more expensive than other similar goal posts but it is far better made and is worth every penny I have tried other cheaper item and I got what I paid for… It's very easy to assemble, sturdy and light and is just fantastic for the kids. I'm delighted with it and wish I had bought it before I paid for cheaper inferior products.
M Ahmed
Quick delivery, easy to assemble and very sturdy. We ended up buying 2, one for each side of the garden, plus a Forza target sheet to practice shooting and a football. Having 2 means that the abuse of the grass is evenly distributed about the place! My 8 yr old and 10 year old love them. A very good purchase and I would thoroughly recommend this company. They arrived well before expected on both occasions.
The Forza Football Goal was a Xmas present for my Grandson he uses it every chance he gets. Like all kids every shot at goal has to try burst the back of the net. But he has not succeeded yet. Sign of a good net. Delivery was prompt and item well packaged and seems very sturdy and well manufactured. Too soon to to judge it's weatherproof capabilities but survived the snow no problems and I am confident that it will be fine in summer weather too. I would certainly recommend FORZA Football Goals.
Dave N
Robust and certainly weatherproof. These goals have easily withstood their first year of being outdoors in Welsh coastal weather. Easy assembly too. If you want to be moving them about, fully assembled, on the pitch or lawn (easy enough), - they are great for schools, clubs etc. where the goals can be stored assembled for regular use. In the garden you could leave them out all year long or pack them away in the Forza bag I bought separately for winter. The 6ft by 4ft (6ft wide by 4ft high) goals have been good value but my 10yr old now fills them and probably needs a bigger size nobody can score against him. Outstanding service from a company that wants to be the best. Thumbs up from me.
bought two of these goals for my 5 year old grandson. Was looking for quality goals that could be erected and taken apart very easily which they definitely are! You get what you pay for – fantastic. His dad transports these goals between both grandparents houses and back home again, in constant use, he loves them. Wouldn’t hesitate in highly recommending to everyone.
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Questions & Answers

13 questions | 13 answers

Can you get a replacement/extra net for this goal post? I'm sure the weather will be hard on it.


Hi Nancy thank you for you question. The netting we supply is suitable for all types of weather from snow to bright sunny day as the net has been UV treated. However, we do also offer replacement parts and nets for our goals. If you have any other questions let us know! Thank you.


Hi. The 6ft by 4ft goal comes with U pegs, but how many U pegs. Thanks


Hi, thank you very much for the enquiry. With the 6' x 4' goal you will receive two U-Pegs.
Kind regards,


Do he nets come as a pair for the cost. Or is it for an individual net. Thanks


Hi Danni, Thank you for your question. I can confirm that pricing on this product is per goal, in order to get more than one the quantity can be updated using the small plus icon. If you do have any further questions please do get in contact. Many thanks, Tom


Hi, dos it come with warranty? thanks


Hi Alena, Thank you for your question. Each FORZA goal comes with a one year warranty, so if anything were to get damaged or arrived defective then these would be able to be replaced at no extra cost. If you do have any questions please email Many thanks, Tom


Does this include the target net as well?


Hi Lieke, Thank you for your question. The goal post only contains the framework, the net, net clips and the U Pegs to secure the goal. Both a target sheet and carry bag can be purchased separately when click on 'Click here for essentials' or via simply searching target sheet in the search bar. Many thanks, Tom


Is it a pair of goals or just a single goal post

Brifton Da Gama

Hi, thank you very much for taking the time to contact us. This price is per goal, if you require two you will need to amend the quantity to 2.
Many thanks,


Hello The $68 is the price of one goal post or two posts?


Hi Samuel, thanks for getting in touch. The price of $68.99 is for one single goal. To order a pair of goals you would change the quantity to '2' in the quantity box. I hope this clears up any confusion! Many thanks, Adam.


Is the 6X4 goal post strong enough to withstand adults playing soccer


Hello, thank you very much for the enquiry. If it is just in the garden with a child then yes, this goal will be fine for this use. However, if it is going to be used constantly by adults, I would recommend looking at our other goals ranges such as: Steel42 & Alu60. These are a lot more robust and will be able to withstand constant use from adults.
Many thanks,


The description does not stipulate which is the height/width. Is it 6 feet wide by 4 feet high?


Hi Doreen, Thank you for your question. I can confirm that the goal post is 4ft high with a width of 6ft, it also has depth of 4ft at the bottom. If you have any further questions please email Many thanks, Tom


Is the goal suitable for fake grass? Is it necessary to peg/pin it down?


Hi Paul, thanks for your question. It is not necessary to peg the goal down but it would certainly make it more stable. For use on articifical grass, you could always use sandbags or something similar to weigh it down. Many thanks, Dan.


Does the net get delivered on the goals or do you have to put it on yourself. Also are you able to take the net off or is it permanent


Hello, thank you very much for the enquiry. The net is included with this listing, it comes delivered with the goal but, you need to attach it yourself. You can take the net off and put it back on again whenever you feel like! This will only take a couple of minutes.
Many thanks,


Hi there, i just wondered what width you poles were. This will be our 3rd attempt on goals and so far not done very welll. Looking for 3inch at least I think many thanks


Hello Stephanie, Thank you for your question. The diameter of our posts is approximately 2.9 inches, this of course means there is considerable strength in the posts. As there is a year warranty attached to the goal, if there was any problems with the goal post or parts were damaged they can replaced free of charge under that warranty. Many thanks, Tom


Can this product be easily assembled and disassembled?... Not got a very big garden so looking for use to take to local park where there is room. Many thanks


Hello Alan, Thank you for your message. Due to the goal using various parts that simply lock together you can have the goal assembled in approximately 10 minutes, it would be exactly the same time then for taking the goal down. This makes it a perfect for taking it to and from the field, I would definitely recommend purchasing the FORZA goal carry bag which will make transporting the goal even easier. Many thanks, Tom


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