When Perth Glory FC were in need of new football goals, instead of getting their own manufactured, they looked to Net World Sports as specialist football goal suppliers to provide top of the range goals that players could use during training. As champions of the 2018-19 Australian A-League, Perth Glory are used to having high quality equipment, so when it came to looking for new full-size football goals, the club searched online to find our our 24 x 8 FORZA Alu110 Stadium Box Soccer Goal with Wheels and were instantly sold!

Quality, aesthetics and manoeuvrability were huge factors when it came to Perth Glory FC choosing the right soccer goal to suit their needs as a club. Ticking all these boxes and more, the 24 x 8 FORZA Alu110 Stadium Box Soccer Goal was the perfect addition to Perth Glory’s training sessions that have seen players and coaches enjoying the latest soccer equipment to grace their pitch.

24 x 8 FORZA Alu110 Stadium Box Football Goal with Wheels
24 x 8 FORZA Alu110 Stadium Box Football Goal with Wheels"

“Overall the soccer goals from Net World Sports are fantastic. Being portable and solid was a major factor in purchasing the goals and every one of the club’s strikers enjoy hitting the back of the net. We would definitely purchase more goals from Net World Sports in the future, they have been excellent to use; strong, robust and very professional looking on the pitch… outstanding!” Danny Milosevic, HAL Goalkeeper Coach at Perth Glory.

High Quality Equipment

Getting soccer goals that are portable whilst still solid and able to withstand the hardest of hits was really important for the coaching team at Perth Glory FC and the 24 x 8 FORZA Alu110 Stadium Box Soccer Goal certainly lives up to this. “The quality of the goals are outstanding,” comments Danny. “Having high quality equipment only adds to the quality of the sessions and quality of the output on the pitch.”

Lever Lift vs 360˚ Football Goal Wheels

With FORZA Alu110 Stadium Box Soccer Goals available with optional extras such as weights and wheels, Perth Glory FC opted to purchase the goals with Lever Wheels that give 100mm clearance from the ground and provide a smooth glide across both grass and synthetic pitches. However, since the club purchased the FORZA Alu110 Soccer Goals we have introduced the FORZA 360˚ Soccer Goal Wheel into our range that, quite literally, offer unmatched goal manoeuvrability.


With this in mind, the club are looking to upgrade their wheels ahead of the new season.