FIFA Quality marks form part of the FIFA Quality Programme and recognise soccer products, technologies and surfaces that have been through rigorous tests to meet the FIFA Quality Programme’s standards. The FIFA Quality mark system helps customers identify and purchase only the best quality, most reliable and cost-efficient soccer products on the market.

In this guide we will cover the various FIFA Quality marks, including the FIFA Basic mark, FIFA Quality mark and FIFA Quality Pro mark, explaining their significance and the stringent requirements for obtaining them. We will also delve into the certification process for soccer balls and the specific tests they must pass to earn their quality mark. Understanding the FIFA quality marks is hugely beneficial for soccer players and coaches alike, as it allows you to choose the best products and improve your overall soccer experience.

History of FIFA Quality Marks

FIFA Quality marks were first launched in 1996 together with the FIFA Quality Programme. At that point the first soccer balls were accredited with a quality mark, and from then various new quality marks were added to the FIFA Quality Programme until 2014, where the system was simplified and saw the launch of the FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro marks.

In October 2020, the FIFA Basic mark was launched alongside the rebranded and redesigned FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro marks. The aim of the FIFA Basic mark is to highlight products, technologies and surfaces that are cheaper in price than those used at the highest level, but that still offer a comparable quality and performance for soccer clubs or organizations with lower budgets.

FIFA Quality Marks Explained

At the time of writing, there are three FIFA Quality marks used to recognise the very best soccer products, technologies, and products. They are the FIFA Basic, FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro marks. For each of the quality marks to be awarded, there is certain safety, durability and performance tests and criteria, set by FIFA, that the product, technology, or surface must meet.

In this section, we will go through each of the three FIFA Quality marks in depth to help you understand what each of the three FIFA accolades mean in relation to a soccer products safety, performance and durability.

FIFA Basic

As previously mentioned, the FIFA Basic standard is in place to help customers at all levels of soccer identify lower cost products, technologies and surfaces that deliver on safety and durability whilst also offering a comparable performance to more expensive alternatives. To earn this quality mark basic durability and safety tests must be passed.

FIFA Quality

Soccer products, technologies and surfaces with the FIFA Quality mark are of higher quality than those with the FIFA Basic quality mark but that also typically means they are more expensive. Despite the increase in quality these products won’t be used at the highest level of professional soccer, such as in the World Cup. Instead, they are more commonly used in the lower professional leagues or at amateur level. The testing process to earn this FIFA Quality mark still focuses on the durability and safety of soccer products but does carry out some basic testing on performance and accuracy.

FIFA Quality Certification

FIFA Quality Pro

The FIFA Quality Pro mark recognises the highest quality soccer products, technologies and surfaces that are used by the biggest competitions in soccer. Items with this certification will have undergone the most rigorous of testing, focusing on performance, accuracy, durability, and safety. The FIFA Quality Pro mark indicates optimal quality in design, manufacturing and performance. You can be sure that any product carrying the FIFA Quality Pro accolade is the very best you can buy.

FIFA PRO Certification

Soccer Balls and FIFA Quality marks

The soccer ball is an essential piece of equipment but finding the right one for you can be challenging due to the plethora of options available. The FIFA Quality mark system helps make buying a soccer ball much easier, as you know that any ball with a quality mark will have gone through stringent testing to be approved to FIFA’s standards.

If you purchase a ball that hasn’t gone through FIFA’s Quality mark testing protocol, you lose the peace of mind of knowing it has gone through a rigorous testing process. With inferior soccer balls there’s a chance you may buy a ball that may be too heavy or lose its shape after a strong impact for example. Any slight defect in design and manufacturing will influence the flight of the ball and how it rolls across the surface. This will greatly impact the performance of the ball as it may bounce inconsistently or fly unpredictably through the air.

For a soccer ball to receive a FIFA Quality mark, FIFA will test the ball’s weight, circumference, roundness, bounce, water absorption, how quickly the ball loses pressure, and the soccer ball’s shape/size retention. To receive the highest quality mark from FIFA, the ball must pass these tests under even tougher conditions.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is the governing body that look after the rules of soccer. They state that in all professional matches governed by FIFA, the soccer ball should meet all requirements and carry one of the three FIFA Quality marks from the FIFA Quality Programme.

Where can you find a soccer ball with a FIFA Quality Mark?

At Net World Sports we carry a variety of FORZA soccer balls that bear one of the three FIFA Quality marks. We have a range of soccer balls that are of the highest quality and have a FIFA Quality Pro mark, as well as more cost-effective options that are of FIFA Basic and FIFA Quality standard. These soccer balls have all undergone vigorous testing to be approved to FIFA standards and display reliable quality, design, performance, accuracy, and safety. No matter your ability or budget, we’ve got the soccer ball to match your needs. Below we’ll go through some of the soccer balls available in the FORZA range, at each of the three FIFA Quality mark standards.

FORZA Academy Soccer Balls

Our FORZA Academy Soccer Balls have received accreditation according to FIFA's Basic standards, offering an exceptional combination of quality and value for your money. These soccer balls are meticulously crafted with a 3.5mm thick EVA foam, lined with a layer of 0.2mm thick TPU, providing an ideal touch and control when using this tear-resistant soccer ball on a variety of surfaces. The outer casing protects a butyl bladder strengthened with 2500 yards of polyester to give the ball a reliable bounce and flight, whilst ensuring the ball can retain its shape under the greatest of impacts. Offered in sizes 3, 4, and 5, in packs of 1, 3, or 30, this ball is perfect for players of all ages and levels looking to develop their soccer skills.

Academy Soccer Ball

FORZA Club Soccer Ball

Displaying a FIFA Basic quality mark, the FORZA Club soccer balls provide a cost-efficient soccer ball for leagues, teams and players of all standards who may not be able to afford the highest quality balls with a FIFA Quality Pro mark. This soccer ball is made from six polyurethane heat-pressed 1.2mm thick panels encasing a butyl bladder that helps keep the ball in shape and tear resistant after endless impacts. This weatherproof soccer ball is suitable for all ages, abilities and playing conditions, as well as being available in sizes 3, 4 and 5, in two different colorways and in packs of either 1, 3 or 30.

FORZA Club Soccer Ball

FORZA Icon Pro Match Soccer Ball

The FORZA Icon Soccer Ball is a firm favourite with many clubs around the world. Thanks to the 3D-hybrid construction this ball rolls consistently across all surfaces and has earnt a FIFA Quality mark. The rigorous testing confirms that this soccer ball is made to withstand the harshest conditions, whist maintaining an unrivalled feel and precise performance for all players. The FORZA Icon is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5, as well as a choice of 4 colourways for easier visibility and in packs of 1,3 or 30.

ICON Soccer Ball

FORZA Pro Futsal Balls

The FORZA Pro Futsal Ball is the perfect choice for futsal matches and training across all levels. Bearing the FIFA Quality mark, this futsal ball demonstrates outstanding quality and durability. These balls feature a hi-abrasion PU casing for consistent performance on various surfaces. Reinforced with a layer of PV, manufactured using an innovative interweaving technique, and laminated with high ammonia latex, the ball is further treated with 60% dry rubber, providing both bacteriostatic protection and long-lasting resilience. The waterproof and tear-resistant casing encloses a Butyl bladder lined with 2200 yards of polyester, offering superior air and shape retention compared to latex balls. Available in sizes 3 or 4, in packs of 1, 3, or 12, the FORZA Pro Futsal Ball caters to futsal players of all ages, delivering exceptional performance and longevity.

Futsal Ball

FORZA Icon+ Official Match Soccer Ball

The FORZA Icon+ has passed the most extensive tests from FIFA to earn the FIFA Quality Pro mark. In passing these assessments, this soccer ball has demonstrated first-class, performance accuracy, safety, and durability, meaning the FORZA Icon+ is suitable for soccer matches at the highest level of the sport. The ball has been expertly crafted and designed with 24 premium polyurethane panels thermally bonded together for a seamless, stitch free soccer ball, that absorbs minimal water and maintains its shape and performance all-year round. This scratch resistant, weatherproof casing surrounds the latex-lined butyl bladder which helps the ball keep its shape under the strongest of impacts and gives players a world class feel alongside ultimate control of the ball. The FORZA Icon+ is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5 in packs of 1, 3 or 12.

FORZA Icon+ Match Soccer Ball

Now that you have read our guide on FIFA Quality marks and seen the FIFA soccer balls we have available, why not check out our full range of FORZA soccer equipment? We carry a variety of goals, training equipment and field equipment plus much more, so you are fully equipped to take your soccer game to the next level!