The dimensions of a football field can vary significantly from Pee Wee to NFL football. However, from High School through to the NFL, the differences in field markings are very subtle.

We’ve put this comprehensive guide together to cover football field dimensions, markings, and much more, including visual images throughout to clearly show the sizes and lines used on football fields.

The guide is the perfect primer for facility managers, coaches, players, and football fans who are looking to find out more about football field sizes and markings. The guide also provides answers to frequently asked questions relating to football field areas and goal posts, ensuring that you’ll find all the information you need on football field areas, lines and dimensions.

How long is a football field?

In total, a regulation football field is 120 yards (360ft/109.8m). The distance from goal line to goal line is 100 yards (300ft/91.4m), with a 10-yard (30ft/9.1m) end-zone beyond the goal lines. This is the standard length for a NFL, NCAA and high school football fields.

The length of a football field will only change for junior football, where the distance between the goal lines will normally vary depending on the players age.

Typically, fields in youth leagues will be between 50-80 yards in length (150-240ft/45.7-73.2m). In NFL FLAG which is the most popular league/playing format in the country for younger players, the field length is 70 yards, (210ft/64m) which includes a 10 yard (30ft/9.1m) end-zone at either end.

How wide is a football field?

The width of a football field is 53.3 yards (160ft/48.8m). This stays the same across high school, NCAA and NFL football meaning that all high school, college and NFL football fields are exactly the same size.

The width of football fields will again only change at junior level, where the width of the field typically reduces. In NFL FLAG the field is 30 yards wide (90ft/27.4m), whilst in other junior leagues this can vary from 23-50 yards (69-150ft/21-45.7m).

What is the acreage of a football field?

Football fields are 1.32 acres in size or 57,600 square feet. This is based on the football field being regulation size, measuring 120 yards (360ft/109.8m) long and 53.3 yards (160ft/48.8m) wide.

Areas of a football field and markings

football field dimensions and lines

Side Lines

The side lines on a football field run the length of the field (120 yards/360ft/109.8m) and define the playing area. Any player that takes the ball outside the side-line, will be ruled out of play. The ball will then be placed on the closest yard-line to where the ball was taken out of bounds for the next down to begin. Team areas also are located beyond the side-line.

End Zone

These are the scoring zones at either end of the field. The end-zones are located in between the goal line and end-line and they run the whole width of the field. End zones are 10 yards (30ft/9.1m) in length from the goal line to the end-line, and 53.3 yards (160ft/48.8m) wide. The size of end-zones is the same for high school, college and NFL football. As mentioned previously, in NFL FLAG, there is a 10-yard (30ft/9.1m) end-zone at either end.

Yard Lines

The hash marks are separated every 5 yards (15ft/4.6m) by full-field lines called yard lines. Unlike the hash marks these lines will cover the full width of the field. Every tenth yard (30ft/9.1m) from the goal line is marked by a field number on both sides near the side lines. These numbers start at 10 at either end of the field and work up in multiples of ten to the 50-yard line at the centre of the field.

Hash Marks

These are small white markings that designate each individual yard (3ft/0.9m) on the field from goal line to goal line. They are marked by 2ft/61cm lines. If a play ends outside of the hash marks or the side line, then the next play will start at the nearest hash mark to the end of that last play. There is a set of hash marks next to each sideline and two sets marked further towards the centre of the field.

The distance between these two sets of central hash marks varies dependant on the level being played.

For high school football, the two sets of central hash marks are 17.6 yards (53ft/16.2m) apart, with each individual set being 26.5ft/8.1m) from the middle of the field. In college football, the distance between the two is reduced, with each set of central hash marks being 13.3 yards (40ft/12.2m) apart, with each set being 6.6 yards (20ft/6.1m) from the middle. This distance decreases further in the NFL to 6 yards (18ft/5.5m) apart, with each set of hash marks being 3 yards (9ft/2.7m) from the middle of the field.

football field hash marks

Football Field FAQS

How tall and wide is a field goal post?

Football field goal posts are positioned in the centre of the end line of each end zone. The crossbar is always 10ft (3m) high for high school, college, and NFL football. The overall height and width of field goal posts varies, with high school posts being both shorter and wider than college and NFL field goal posts.

The two side posts on college/NFL posts are 25ft (6.1m), making the total structure 35ft (10.7m) high. The width of NFL and NCAA college football goal posts is 18ft 6” (5.6m) wide.

In high school football, the side post height isn’t as set in stone. They are typically 12-15ft (3.7-4.6m), taking the overall height to 22-25ft (6.7-7.6m). The width of high school posts is 23ft 4” (7.1m) wide.

football goal post dimensions

How do you mark a football field?

Marking a football field can be very time consuming, so it is important to get everything right. The time it takes will depend on how many people are working on the field. Generally, it should take 3 people 6-7 hours to complete marking the field.

The lines are typically marked 4 inches wide (10cm), although the side-lines and end-lines may exceed 4 inches in width. All the hash marks are 2ft long lines (61 cm). Lines are normally painted in white. However, the goal lines and team zones may be painted in contrasting colors. Using a long tape measure and a Motorised Line Marking Trike will give the most accurate and long-lasting finish to your line markings.

Yard-line numbers are marked 9 yards (27ft/8.23m) from the side-lines and 1ft (0.3m) from the full yard-lines that mark every 10 yards (30ft/9.1m).

It is recommended to mark out a side-line first, making marks along the line to indicate where the goal-lines and full-field yard lines will be. Then mark out the 50-yard line and centre-field mark to establish the middle of the field of play. The end-lines will then be painted on with an indicator for the two central lines of hash marks and the center of the end-line, to help with the positioning of the goal posts. Then join up your end-lines and 50-yard line with the side-line on the opposite side of the field. The final step will be marking out the rest of your full-yard lines and sets of hash marks on either side of the field.

Soccer field vs Football field

In some countries these two sports share the same name but there are significant differences between their fields of play. This is because both sports have different rules which require their own unique field markings. The table below shows all the differences between a soccer field and a football field.

Soccer Field Vs Football Field Dimensions

Soccer Field Vs Football Field Dimensions
Soccer Field Football Field
Shape Rectangle Rectangle
Length Min: 100 yards (300ft/91.4m)
Max: 130 yards (390ft/118.9m)
120 yards (360ft/109.75m)
Width Min: 50 yards (150ft/45.7m)
Max: 100 yards (300ft/91.4m)
53.3 yards (160ft/48.8m)
Surface Grass or Artificial turf Grass or Artificial turf
Goal Posts Located at the centre of the goal line.
2 x 8ft (2.44m) vertical posts joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar above the ground which is 24ft (7.32m) wide.
Located at the centre of the goal-line.
2 x posts with crossbar 10ft (3m) above the ground with 2 vertical posts 25ft (7.6m) taking the whole structure to 35ft (10.7mm) tall. In the NFL and NCAA posts are 18ft 6” (5.6m) apart.
Markings 1 x halfway line, centre circle,centre spot.
2 x penalty areas, goal-lines, 6-yard boxes, penalty spots, side-lines, by-lines, dugouts.
4 x corner arcs.
2 x end-lines, goal-lines, team zones, end-zones.
2 sets of 80 x 1-yard central hash marks, 2 sets of 80 x 1-yard central hash marks.
9 x 10-yard full field lines with numbers.
10 x 5-yard full field lines.

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