If you are purchasing lacrosse goals it is important to make sure you buy goals that are the correct size. Goals used in competitive games must comply with USA Lacrosse and World Lacrosse rules. This guide will give you all the information you need to know about regulation lacrosse goal sizes at all levels. The guide also covers net twine thicknesses and the differences between official lacrosse goals and practice goals, equipping you with all the information you need to know about lacrosse net sizes.

What are the dimensions of a lacrosse goal?

World Lacrosse state that the regulation size of a lacrosse goal for men and women is 6ft/1.83m in height from the goal line to the crossbar, and 6ft/1.83m in width from post to post. Regulation lacrosse goals are 7ft/2.1m in depth which ensures the ball doesn’t re-enter the field of play once a goal is scored. The posts will sit on the goal line in the middle of the lacrosse goal crease. This size of lacrosse goal is consistent from High School Lacrosse through to college and the professional game. The only time you would find a smaller lacrosse goal used by senior players is for indoor lacrosse, where the standard goal size is 4ft/1.2m tall x 4ft/1.2m wide.

lacrosse goal dimensions

What size are junior lacrosse goals?

Regulation goal sizes for most youth leagues and all high school games are the same as in adult lacrosse, at 6ft x 6ft with a 7ft depth. USA Lacrosse state that for boys and girls aged under 8 years old, the goal size can be reduced to 3ft/0.9m tall x 3ft/0.9m wide but a high-school goal is still allowed.

Lacrosse Net Twine Thicknesses

Lacrosse nets are most commonly sold in twine thicknesses of 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. Most goals will include a net that measures between 3mm – 6mm and will protrude backwards over the frame of the goal. Once fastened to all parts of the goal frame the net should look a pyramid shape and the mesh of the net shall not exceed 1.4in to prevent the passage of the ball through the net. USA Lacrosse also state that nets can be of any colour.

At Net World Sports, our professional, FIL approved, FORZA lacrosse goal is made to World Lacrosse regulation size, and contains a 6mm thick polyester net with reinforced seams. The mesh squares measure 0.6in to capture lacrosse balls travelling at any speed.

Differences between practice and official lacrosse goals

If you are buying goals for competitive use by a school or club, you will need to be careful not to buy practice goals. Practice goals can sometimes weigh as little as 25 pounds and are not as sturdy as official lacrosse goals that can exceed 100 pounds in weight. This is due to the official goals using high-quality 1.75in-2in thick steel pipes, whereas practice goals will either use more lightweight metals or employ only 1-1.5in thick steel piping. Official lacrosse goals will often have squared off welded corners also.

If you are buying a goal for training purposes or for your backyard, then a practice goal is a great option as they are lightweight. This means that the goals are more portable and can be moved anywhere. They are often collapsible too, giving a quick and easier set-up, and even easier to move the goals around.

For competitive use, you’ll need an official goal that meets World Lacrosse regulations. This goal must be able to withstand regular use and heavy impacts, otherwise you will find yourself having to constantly replace them.

At Net World Sports we carry a range of regulation size FORZA Lacrosse goals. Whether you are looking for professional goals for games or training goals for your backyard, we’ve got you covered. We also offer regulation size replacement lacrosse nets, as well as lacrosse balls and other lacrosse training, field and gameday equipment.