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What is a lacrosse ball called?

A lacrosse ball does not have a special name, it’s simply called a “lacrosse ball”. Invented by Native Americans, the sport was once known as “stickball”, but according to historical records, the stickball ball had no specific name either.

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How big is a lacrosse ball?

The size, weight and dimensions of a lacrosse ball are set by the sports various governing bodies including World Lacrosse. To comply with regulations, a lacrosse ball should measure 7.75 - 8 inches (19.69 - 20.32cm) in circumference and have a diameter of 2.47 - 2.55 inches (6.27 - 6.47cm).

Regulation lacrosse balls must also pass a “drop test”. The test involves dropping the ball from a height of 72 inches (1.83m). The ball must bounce back to a height of between 43 and 51 inches (1.09 - 1.30m).

How much does a lacrosse ball weigh?

The regulation lacrosse ball weight is 5.0 to 5.25 ounces, which equates to 142g to 156g when using the metric system.

What color is a lacrosse ball?

The NCAA states that balls used in competitive college games need to be white, yellow or orange. Whilst there are no specific regulations specific to games played by men and women, men tend to play with white balls, while women commonly play with yellow ones.

What is a lacrosse ball made of?

Lacrosse balls are usually made with vulcanized rubber. Vulcanized rubber is a form of rubber that has been treated with extremely high pressure and temperature. Some lacrosse balls are made with silicone, polyurethane or vinyl; however, vulcanized rubber has enhanced strength and durability properties, thanks to the heat and pressure it is subjected to.

FORZA lacrosse balls are made from vulcanized rubber, because it offers the best level of performance and durability.

Unlike balls used in sports such as golf, a lacrosse ball is one solid material meaning the inside of a lacrosse ball is the same as the outside. Decades ago, some lacrosse balls actually had concrete in the middle of them, but this is no longer allowed! If you cut a modern lacrosse ball in half, the interior looks very similar to the exterior.

Regulation Lacrosse Ball Dimensions & Properties Recap
Circumference Diameter Weight Colour Material
7.75 - 8 inches (19.69 - 20.32cm) 2.47 -2.55 inches (6.27 - 6.47cm) 5.0 -5.25 oz (141.75 - 155.92g) White, Yellow or Orange Vulcanised rubber

Other lacrosse ball FAQs

Are women's lacrosse balls the same as men's?

Whilst men tend to play with white lacrosse balls and women tend to play with yellow balls, in terms of weight and size, lacrosse balls used by men and women are exactly the same.

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What were lacrosse balls originally made of?

Whilst modern lacrosse balls are made from rubber, the early lacrosse balls used by Native Americans were made from wood, deerskins stuffed with fur, and clay.

How fast does a lacrosse ball travel?

Professional lacrosse players routinely hit the ball at speeds exceeding 100mph (160.9km/h) when shooting at goal. The record for the fastest lacrosse shot ever is, at the time of writing, held by Nick Diegel, who hit the ball at a speed of 127mph (204.4km/h) in 2020.

Do lacrosse balls float?

Lacrosse balls do float! A typical lacrosse ball has a density that is lower than water; allowing it to float.

How do you degrease a lacrosse ball?

To clean and degrease a lacrosse ball:

  • Rinse the ball under warm water
  • Scrub the ball with a soft scrubbing brush and some warm soapy water
  • Rinse the ball once more to remove the soapy water
  • Dry the ball off with a towel

Don't use any harsh chemicals or overly abrasive materials that might damage the ball. Some people also suggest cleaning lacrosse balls in the top rack of a dishwasher, but this does increase the likelihood of damaging the ball.

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