Using the correct soccer ball size is essential for ensuring young soccer players can enjoy playing soccer whilst developing the essential skills and techniques needed to play the world's most popular sport. Whether you are looking to buy a soccer ball for your children to use in the backyard or you’re a coach looking for practice or gameday balls for a team, it's important to purchase the correct size soccer ball.

Playing with the wrong size ball can hinder technical development, increase the risk of injury, and make it harder to transfer skills into competitive games where the correct size soccer ball is used, all of which can impact a players enjoyment of the game.

It’s for the reasons outlined above, that we have created a soccer ball size chart in accordance with the guidance published by organizations including FIFA and US Youth Soccer.

Soccer Size Guide - Soccer Ball Size by Age

US Youth Soccer recommends the following ball sizes are used in games and practice sessions:

Soccer ball size chart

Although there are no official guidelines, soccer coaches generally recommend that children aged 3-5 years old use a size 2 soccer ball, and children aged 3 and under play with a size 1 soccer ball.

US Youth Soccer Ball Size Guidelines
Age Ball Size Ball Circumference Ball Weight
3 years & Under* 1 17-20 inches 7-8 ounces
3-5 years 2 20-22 inches 10-12 ounces
5-8 years 3 23-24 inches 11-12 ounces
8-12 years 4 25-26 inches 11-13 ounces
12 years + 5 27-28 inches 14-16 ounces

*One caveat to the ball sizes outlined above, is that players may want to use smaller-sized soccer balls to practice and develop close-control and coordination. Size 1 balls are often referred to as “skills balls” and whilst they are often used for awards and souvenirs, they can be used by players of all ages for close control training.

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